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How to keep your tyres in good health

But there’s nothing to look after on a tyre… Not true. Imagine what would happen if one of your tyres failed to work at 70mph. Anything that keeps tyres in tip-top condition is worth every penny or second of your time. Taking a good look at both tyres when you lube the chain is an easy way of maintaining their health. If slicks are so good for racing why do road tyres have tread? .

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels

It’s important to regularly check the electrolyte (it really isn’t just water) level in your car’s battery, for two reasons: first, because it naturally evaporates and second, because a small amount electrolyzes into hydrogen and oxygen every time you charge the battery. Learning how to safely check and replace the water in your car battery is an important aspect of car maintenance. Start with Step 1 below for detailed instructions on how to check .